Social Media Marketing

Prioritize your social media presence with custom content creation and advertising management. 

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to communicate your brand, products, and services to users. There are two primary ways to reach users through social media… organic posting & paid advertising. Popular social media networks include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. 

Organic social media posts are unpaid, and consist of text, graphics, photos, and/or video content. There are no limits to how many organic posts you can share and there is no fee for sharing.

Paid social media advertising consists of the same content as organic posts, but contains more call-to-action features. With paid ads businesses set a daily budget, select a target audience (geography, demographics, behaviors, etc…), and schedule desired length of campaign. Analytics allow you to gauge success of the ad based on views, user engagement, and clicks to landing page. 

Why it's important?

Social media marketing is increasingly essential in branding, sales, and establishing customer retention and loyalty. As with all digital marketing, the ability to target a specific audience and measure performance makes it relevant to users and cost effective for you

Additionally, a good social media presence lends credibility to your brand by creating multiple avenues for people to learn who you are and improving your overall search engine rankings (read more about SEO here). 

How we
can help?

Our team of copywriters, graphic designers, and video producers specialize in creating custom content for your social media footprint. Whether it’s for organic posts or paid ads we tailor the message to boost engagement and brand it all around your business’ look and feel. 

In addition to content creation, we can plan posts, schedule posts and create and manage ad campaigns

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