Video Production

Nothing tells a story and influences emotion quite like film. What better way to communicate your brand?! 

What is video production?

Video production is the creation of any length of film asset including concepts, storyboards, shooting, editing, and versioning. Businesses historically have used video assets largely for television commercials, but now, through digital media, video is widely used in a variety of formats to reach target audiences in new ways.

Why it's important?

In an increasingly cluttered marketing landscape it is essential to differentiate your business from your competitors and establish your desired brand perception. 

Nothing really accomplishes this like film. 

You can make people laugh, make people cry, make people think… Film, more than most creative mediums, can create a lasting impression and change perceptions. 

How we
can help?

Our team of copywriters, film crew, and video editors collaborate to concept, storyboard, shoot, edit, and version the right film for you. We produce videos to any length from traditional “TV” ads and long form brand films, to educational explainer videos and quick shots for social media. We do it all. 

Additionally we have a full sound studio where we can record voiceovers, custom music (need a jingle?) sound effects, and more!

Check out our Filmfolio to see some of our work!